How to Turn Off Ads in Disqus free version | Remove Disqus ads

Imagine that one day, suddenly, random ads started appearing on your website, and you’re not getting any revenue from that! How shocking is that? Let’s find out a solution for turning off ads in Disqus free version.

What changed with Disqus suddenly?

Recently Disqus started forcing unwanted ads inside of the Disqus comments, displaying those nasty ads on your website(s) without your knowledge. It seems that they only target the sites with “big enough” daily traffic or use some other arbitrary criteria, so the ads do not appear on all the websites, but only on relatively busy ones.


This way Disqus “forces” you to upgrade to the paid subscription plan – for the paid users these ads become optional (i.e. you can disable them in your Disqus admin panel).


At least until we have the time to switch to another commenting system. There are 2 quick fixes available:

Fix 1 : Using jQuery script

    setInterval(() => {
        $.each($('iframe'), (arr,x) => {
            let src = $(x).attr('src');
            if (src && src.match(/(ads-iframe)|(disqusads)/gi)) {
    }, 300);

If you’re using wordpress you can apply this code in footer using script tag.

Fix 2 : Hide using custom css

In your css file add this css to block or hide ads.

iframe[src*="ads-iframe"] { display: none; }

Let me know if this works for you or not in the comments.


One thought on “How to Turn Off Ads in Disqus free version | Remove Disqus ads

  1. Idk how to use Jquery, and the CSS one didn’t fix it

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