11 most wanted features coming soon in WhatsApp | WhatsApp upcoming features 2022

Credits: Android Authority

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, the most popular messaging app, has come up with some most wanted features. The new features will improve user experience, especially for all the group members. WhatsApp is getting tough competition from Telegram in group messaging, WhatsApp is trying to make it better for users.

According to WABetaInfo, a total of 7 new features have been announced on the app’s beta version for both android and iOS. These features will also be accessible to desktop users.

The last big update on the app was the feature which allowed the users to delete messages for everyone that are up to 2 days old.

Now, let’s take a look at the new features that the app has announced:

Real Cross Platform, iOS to Android and vice-versa:

This was really a big mess before this feature. If you change your device from Android to iOS, you lost all of your history. But now it will be super-easy and convenient.

Group call management

WhatsApp has announced that the company is increasing the group voice call limit to up to 32 people. At present, only 8 people can be added to a group call. This brings the instant messaging platform closer to the other chat apps like Telegram, which has no limit on the number of people you can add to a group voice chat. It is worth noting that the limit for video calls remains the same. Also admin can mute anyone on the call.

Leaving a group is harder than ever

WhatApp will let group members (admin and non-admins) know the list of people who left or were removed from the group over the last 60 days. Not just the admins, every member of the group will have access to the past participants list. There will also be a separate list that will help you know banned users.


Leave group silently

Your name might appear in the past participants list which the users have to check on purpose. Currently all members see an informative notification about leaving group by any member. New updated version of app would make this information will only be received by admin, which makes more sense.

Reactions on status updates

Image Credits: WABetainfo

Just like many other features, WhatsApp has copied-pasted one more feature of Instagram. Just like you can react to stories on Instagram, WhatsApp will also let you react to status updates. So, brace yourself for all the reactions from all the unwanted contacts.

There are eight emojis available so far for reaction: Hundred points, party popper, clapping hands, folded hands, smiling face with heart-eyes, laughing with tears, Face with mouth open and Crying face.

Better security: 

WhatsApp is making its security feature with login approvals, more robust. It’s an inspiration from Google account login. This update will notify the users whenever a new login is being attempted along with the details of the device including location. The feature called login approval is under development right now and might be released soon. 

New context menu: 

Now you see an option of attaching contacts, images or other stuff to the chat. The new context menu may offer a lot more. This will let you change text to bold and italics. Also, the spell check feature is a big addition.

More privacy: 

You are many times added to those unwanted groups and your mobile number becomes accessible to everyone. Now, the updated version will let users choose who can see their phone number. You might get an option to let only your saved contacts see your phone number in a group. Your name may appear by default. The launch date of this feature is not yet known.

Admin delete:

The last feature will let admin manage WhatsApp message in the group, and will allow to delete any message. The feature will let admin delete unwanted media and selective section messages. Once the admin deletes the message, it’ll no longer be available to any member of the group. 

Image Credits: WABetainfo

Companion Mode:

Companion mode will allow same WhatsApp account to be available across multiple devices. It looks like WhatsApp is going to add a multi-device sync feature called “WhatsApp Companion Mode,” which will allow users to link a secondary mobile device to their WhatsApp account, including tablets. As of now, users can only link the existing WhatsApp account to a desktop. The above screenshot reveals more details about how the Companion Mode feature is going to work when it releases. Users will be able to access the WhatsApp account on multiple devices. The report also indicates that if the user decides to switch to the Companion mode and tries to connect a registered WhatsApp account to a new device, all the existing local data including chats and media will be erased and the user will be switched to the new WhatsApp account. According to WABetainfo, Companion Mode will be available for iOS devices as well.

Image Credits: WABetainfo


It looks like users will get the ability to create polls on WhatsApp in a future update. As you can see in the screenshot, users can create group polls and add up to twelve options to them. A similar feature has been spotted in the WhatsApp desktop client as well. Seems like WhatsApp is widely testing the Group Poll feature. It is unfortunately unknown when this feature is going to land on the stable version. 


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