List of international companies sponsorship visa

Visa sponsor companies around the world

Travelling trend is increasing day by day, we want to explore the world but don’t have money? Don’t worry now you can work and explore the world like you wanted. I have curated list of the companies who give full visa sponsorship and relocation.

So without any further details here is the list of companies by city / countries who can sponsor you visa and relocate you.


Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dublin, Ireland


Glasgow, Scotland

Warsaw, Poland

Zurich, Switzerland

Riga, Lativa

Sweden, Stockholm






Bangkok, Thailand


  • Mentioned in the GitHub repo.





Q: Do we require to do masters/MS to work there?

A: No, most of these companies will provide visa & relocation.

Q: Does getting international job makes me more financially stable?

A: No, there are tons of better opportunities in India as well which pay huge these days. So decide accordingly.

Q: From where did you collect the above information?

A: LinkedIn posts of people joining XYZ company, companies mentioning in their job descriptions explicitly that they sponsor visa, Companies & TC for India to EU Discord server, ArbeitnowShubheksha GitHub’s repo, CodeDaily – Europe Visa Sponsor Companies .

Q: Can interns apply to international internships as well?

A: Most companies do not sponsor visa for interns, but some companies like Meta, Amazon, Mercari do for intern postions as well.

Q: Is interview process similar as compared to India?

A: Yes, the process is exactly similar.

Q: What’s the best way to apply to these companies?

A: Try applying with a referral by sharing your resume, jobID of the role interested with any employee of the company. Otherwise apply directly on the career portal. Reaching out to hiring managers/recruiters directly might also help.

Q: Is it necessary to take referral from employee of particular location?

A: No, referral of any employee would work.

Q: I’m not from India, is it applicable for people from other countries as well?

A: Yes!

Q: I’m software engineer, which company can sponsor my visa?

A: A lot! There are thousands of companies across Canada, Australia, Europe, Thailand, and many more.

Source: Leetcode discussion


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