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Zoho – Campus 2022 Registration

Role: Software Developer Zoho is hiring for the position of Software Developer Skill set: C, C++ & Java JD: Design and develop high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical systems, delivering high-availability and … Read More

Zoho Corp – Freshers Recruitment Process

Zoho Interview Process Interview Process The interview process at Zoho usually consists of around five rounds, with the questions getting difficult as you progress through each one. Let’s see about … Read More

Gmail Vulnerability Bypasses Passwords, 2-Factor Authentication To Access Emails

According to Volexity, the threat research team has found the North Korean ‘Sharp-Tongue’ group to be either a part of or linked to the Kimsuky advanced persistent threat group. The … Read More

Tesla has Sold $963 Million worth of Bitcoin

Tesla, biggest electric car manufacturer, has SOLD $963 Million worth of Bitcoin as revealed in their earnings report. Elon Musk said that they did so in order to maximise cash flow in the company as it was hit hard due to covid and other factors. What would be future of BitCoin?

Low Level Design : Movie Ticket Booking System

An online movie ticket booking system facilitates the purchasing of movie tickets to its customers. E-ticketing systems allow customers to browse through movies currently playing and book seats, anywhere and … Read More

Rate Limiter using Java – Python

Overview Benefits – Why rate limiter is used for applications? Controlling cost: Most common reason to have rate limiting to control operational costs⁠ for an underlying resource is capable of auto-scaling … Read More

Merge two sorted arrays in Java

Problem Let’s understand the problem. We have two sorted arrays and we would like to merge them into one. Algorithm This algorithm is part of merge sort algorithm. Let’s say … Read More