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Software Companies in Europe that sponsor a work visa

If you’re looking to shift abroad especially to Europe, you have a good chance of finding a company that can sponsor your visa. Here is the list of visa sponsor … Read More


Highest / best paying software and IT companies in 2021 India 💰

Paying trend in India is increasing day by day, companies are keep shifting their offices to India, to reduce their cost and getting talented and experienced software engineers easily. As … Read More

System Design Interview

System Design Interview Questions – 7 steps guide to ace your interview!

Lots of people struggle with system design interview questions (SDIs) primarily because of Unstructured nature of SDIs, where you’re asked to work on an open-ended design problem that doesn’t have … Read More

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How can you integrate chatbot Kore.ai Salesforce Agent Transfer

“Bots and Agents That Work Together to Create Happy Customers” — Kore.ai Here we will be integrating Kore.ai Salesforce agent transfer. Kore.ai is the enterprise conversational chatbot building platform, which … Read More

Install WordPress on AWS

How to install WordPress on AWS Cloud for Free with SSL in 10 mins

What if you’re searching for cloud hosting for your WordPress blog and you get it for free? Cloud Hostings are always good for performance. We can utilize AWS Cloud Free … Read More

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