Why AWS charged me for Free Tier

I signed up for AWS free tier. But I was surprised to see why AWS charged me for Free Tier.

After few days of usages, I thought to check my billing, It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your billing when you use AWS, so I went to the billing dashboard and saw that they already charged me around 100 Rs. I thought to investigate further.

AWS Billing Dashboard

I was charged approx. 0.6$ for Route53 (which I used as DNS for my domain) I rectified this by using my domain DNS which is free. I have added A Record as below having value as public IP of my EC2 instance.

A record pointing to Public IP

The next issue was with EC2, I clicked on the blue chart, it took it to drill down, then I clicked on explore the cost and added expense type in the metrics.

Cost Breakup

I realised that i used t2.small rather than t2.micro (which is eligible for free tier)

How to resize AWS EC2 Instance?

I went to EC2 Instances and changed my instance to micro.

Step 1: Stop the instance using Manage instance state.

Step 2: Go to instance settings and change instance type.

Step 3: Select your new instance type.

Step 4: Start the instance using Manage instance state.

You should see new instance type in EC2 instances.

After this, I observed for the next few days but no charges were added to my account! That’s how I ended up solving the puzzle of “why AWS charged me for free tier”

You can check this as well. This will show how much is remaining in your free quota.

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