Highest paying software companies in India | 2023💰

Paying trend in India is increasing day by day, companies are keep shifting their offices to India, to reduce their cost and getting talented and experienced software engineers easily. As a resultant payout for Indian engineers is increasing day by day. It’s very difficult to answer, as the payout is confidential, But we did our research to find out the most paying software and IT companies. Our sources include Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Blind, and many more. So here is the most awaited list. It’s based on total compensation (CTC) which includes stocks as well. Nowadays people are returning to home country and being paid well.


Software engineers keep wondering:

  • Which software company pays the most ?
  • Highest paying companies for software developers ?
  • Which company pays highest salary for software engineer ?
  • Highest paid companies for software engineer ?

List of companies of the highest paying software companies in India for freshers and experienced engineers.

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. Apple
  4. Atlassian
  5. Twilio
  6. Tower Research
  7. Juniper Networks
  8. Cisco
  9. Qualcomm
  10. Mediatek
  11. Amazon
  12. DE Shaw
  13. Walmart Labs
  14. Flipkart
  15. Myntra
  16. Intuit
  17. Directi
  18. Twitter
  19. LinkedIn
  20. Uber
  21. Goldman Sachs
  22. Arcesium
  23. Nutanix
  24. Adobe
  25. ServiceNow
  26. Salesforce
  27. GoJek
  28. Freshworks
  29. Paytm
  30. InMobi
  31. SAP Labs
  32. Tide.co
  33. Ola
  34. Rubrik
  35. Swiggy
  36. Media.net
  37. Samsung
  38. Postman
  39. Oracle
  40. Intel
  41. NetApp
  42. Expedia
  43. Dream11
  44. Sprinkler
  45. App Dynamics
  46. WorldQuant
  47. Somo Logic
  48. Morgan Stanley
  49. Target
  50. Paypal

Apart from these also top salary paying companies in India are growing. To crack interviews with these company skills which required is the ability to code, problem solver, quick learner, good with computer fundamentals which includes System Design, Data Structures, and Algorithms. Along with that good leadership skills and communication.

I’ll keep updating this article. I may have missed some companies. Please let me know I’ll update the list.


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