Process finished with exit code 0 | spring-boot Java Error Solution

I had this error "Process finished with exit code 0" when starting spring-boot application from IntelliJ-Idea. I don’t have this problem when running the application through the terminal.

:: Spring Boot ::        (v1.2.1.RELEASE)

2015-09-24 12:22:44.274  WARN 22380 --- [            main] n.sf.ehcache.config.CacheConfiguration   : Cache 'publicationsCount' is set to eternal but also has TTI/TTL set.  To avoid this warning, clean up the config removing conflicting values of eternal, TTI and TTL. Effective configuration for Cache 'publicationsCount' will be eternal='true', timeToIdleSeconds='0', timeToLiveSeconds='0'.

Process finished with exit code 0

Solution 1

Deleting provided scope of spring-boot-starter-tomcat dependency helps me.



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