Ola hiring 2021 – Referral


Ola is hiring for multiple positions

About Company:

Ola Cabs is an Indian ride-sharing company offering services that include vehicle for hire and food delivery. The company is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India and was developed by ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Wikipedia

Job Openings

BusinessReq IDRoleLocation
Ola Mobility11309SDE IIIBangalore
Ola Mobility11335Data Scientist IIIBangalore
Ola Mobility11378Sr. Manager – OCCBangalore
Ola Mobility14508Principal Engineer- Data PlatformBangalore
Ola Mobility14072Principal Engineer DBABangalore
Ola Mobility11354Principal Engineer – InfraBangalore
Ola Mobility14866DBA IIIBangalore
Ola Mobility11360SDE III – InfraBangalore
Ola Mobility14865Data Production Engineer IIIBangalore
Ola Mobility14064SDET III – Performance EngineerBangalore
Ola Mobility11267SDE III – iosBangalore
Ola Mobility14505SDE IIPune
Ola Mobility14625SDE III – iosPune
Ola Mobility14591SDE II – iosPune
Ola Mobility14627SDET ill – AppsPune
Ola Mobility14995SDE III – InfraPune
Ola Mobility14994DevSecOps IIIPune
Ola Mobility9663SDE ill – Data PlatformPune
Ola Mobility14753Security Engg IPune
Ola Electric15030Sr. Product ManagerBangalore
Ola Electric9790RE II – SpeechBangalore
Ola Electric11941RE II – Optimisation DeliveryBangalore
Ola Electric9812SDE III – AndroidBangalore
Ola Electric10084SDE ill – BackendBangalore
Ola Electric10074SDE II – BackendBangalore
Ola Financial Services14985Technical Program Manager Bangalore
Ola Financial Services11437Principal EngineerBangalore
Ola Financial Services14081SDE ill – Data EngineerBangalore
Ola Financial Services14521Sr.Product ManagerBangalore
Ola Financial Services14069SDE II – iosBangalore
Ola Financial Services15024SDE II – BackendBangalore
Ola Financial Services14650SDE II – FrontendBangalore
Ola Financial Services14837SDET IIBangalore
Ola Financial Services14843SDET IIIBangalore
Ola Financial Services11457Manager – Decision ScienceBangalore
Ola Financial Services14846Senior Data ScientistBangalore
Ola Financial Services14999Engineering ManagerBangalore
Ola Financial Services15054Sr. Technical Program ManagerBangalore

For referral :

Ankit Gaurav :

Referral Email Template :

Subject : Need referral for <Job ID> at Ola

Hi Gaurav,

I got to know about job openings for “<Job Name>”, via and LinkedIn. It would be great if you can refer me for the same. I have attached my CV for your reference. I would be a great fit for the role.

Thank you so much,


<Candidate Name>
<Candidate Phone#>


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